Valentine’s Day with the family <3

Tiffany, First Year Medical StudentFebruary 14th may have been Valentines Day, but what made it so special was that is was Family Day here at Loma Linda. My mom traveled down from Napa, CA and spent the day with me attending classes, having a delicious Greek lunch, and getting a tour of our labs. Friday evening was the Freshman Dedication Ceremony where we received LLU leather bound Bibles. This event signified us dedicating our life to becoming Christian physicians.

Not only was I excited for my mom to see how I spend my days, but also I was eager to introduce her to the faculty and staff of LLU. My experience in undergrad was so vastly diff than here at LLU. The entire staff here is deeply invested in its students. In fact, just a few days ago one of our professors invited all first year students to her house for a home cooked meal. I have never had a teacher offer that before. I spent my collage years barley even knowing my professors names, let alone sharing a meal with them. Even though my mom was only here for a day I know she experienced what I have felt all year, that the staff here is deeply invested in our future and success.

LLU prides itself on incorporating the idea of wholeness. In fact that was the theme of our Dedication Ceremony where we received Bibles, symbolizing our dedication to becoming Christian doctors focused on treating the whole patient.  Loma Linda professors not only teach us about wholeness but also use that idea to help us on our journey. They realize that the road through medical school is a hard one. So not only do they educate us about physiology, anatomy and physical diagnosis, but they encourage our spiritual growth knowing that we cannot do this alone. And on top of that they open their hearts and homes to us, becoming a second family if you will, because they know we need the support of family to get through the next four years. I just want to say thank you to all the professors and staff for making my first 6 months of medical school so positive. I love it here and am so thankful for finding a home at Loma Linda University.


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