The Big Week

This morning- at exactly 8:57 AM- I found out that I matched to residency!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.23.29 AM.png
Angie, Fourth Year Medical Student

I texted my parents, sister, boyfriend, and friends immediately; and of course posted the good news on Facebook in anticipation of the boom of #matchday posts from my fellow 4th years. Today, I know I will be joining the health care workforce as a humble intern in the great states of California, Arizona, or Texas. Come Friday, I will know which program (that I interviewed at and ranked) I will match to for 4 years of OBGYN residency!

Just as some girls plan for weddings many years in advance, I too have been planning for for my BIG DAY- Match ceremony of course…

1) The Dress: I will be wearing something bright. For the pictures of course!

2) Guests: I invited my sister Judy to attend the Match ceremony. My boyfriend will not be able to make it since he will be in clinic all day. We are trying to figure out if we can Facetime when I open the letter though! I have been instructed to call my parents immediately with results. Of course Facebook and Instagram will immediately be updated.

3) Manicure: my friend who matched into Radiology last year told me to make sure to paint my nails so that all my photos of me holding my Match letter will show off my polished, feminine nails. Check. Will I go with a bold red or my signature pink?

4) The Letter: my friends and I will all wait to get our letters and open them at the same time! It’ll be so exciting and maybe a little bit chaotic. I can’t wait!

5) Emotions: There will probably be some tears in the room- of joy I hope!

6) Ca$h: while every medical school that participates in NRMP all have their Match ceremony on the same date and time, the logistics vary. At our medical school, each student is randomly called to the stage to pick up their letter and to put a $1 in a bowl. The last student called gets the $$$! While being the last one would be agonizing, since my friends and I are all gonna wait for one another, it wouldn’t be so bad if I were last… it would definitely cover our celebration lunch!

7) Thank You letters: I have so many people to contact about my Match results and to thank them for their support. First, a prayer of thanks to God for wherever He will take me next. Then, my parents, boyfriend, sister, mentors, friends, and extended family!

I can’t wait to share with you all what Friday brings. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope we all get a touch of Irish luck this week!

-Angie k