Match Day

Angie, Fourth Year Medical StudentToday was the Big Day. At 9 AM PDT I opened my letter and thought I matched to OBGYN at… Loma Linda! Keep reading…

Oops. I didn’t read the rest of the letter and just saw my medical school name of ‘Loma Linda…’ on the page. I’m very happy at this point and start telling everybody around me that I matched to Loma Linda. Then my friend next to me opens her letter and with a look of confusion says, “I matched at Loma Linda… no wait, Cinncinati!”

Oh. I realize maybe I should re-check my letter. I then read the WHOLE letter and at the very very bottom it states “Harbor-UCLA Med Ctr-CA.” The letter is all very confusing. Now I’m elated as this is my number one choice, where my significant other is currently an intern, and who also happened to be on the phone with me during this whole confusion. Tears are streaming down my face and I’m a mess, spilling my drink, yelling into my phone, and hugging those around me.

In the end, I didn’t need any practiced gasp-I’m-so-surprised-looks. Because I read my letter wrong. Then read it right. Then the real emotions came. Thank you God for taking me this far. Thank you family, friends, and readers who have been part of this journey.
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-angie k

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  1. Congratulations! South Africa doesn’t have the same kind of matching program as the States, and I always think it sounds SO stressful. Congrats on getting through it, and on getting your first choice!

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